Facebook Offline Events

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About Offline Events

Offline Events are used to measure how much your Facebook ads lead to real-world outcomes, such as purchases in your stores, bookings and more.

To help you understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, you’ll compare offline conversions from your physical stores to the list of people who saw or clicked on your ads.

Use offline conversions to:

  • Track offline activity and see how much of it can be attributed to your ads.
  • Measure the offline return on your ad spend.
  • Reach people offline and show ads to people based on the actions they take offline. You can also create lookalike audiences to deliver Facebook ads to people who are similar to your offline customers.

Once data is uploaded, you can see the number of offline conversions attributed to people who saw or clicked your ads.

Submit Offline Event Data

Upload offline event data regularly and in the order that the events occurred (sequentially by date): Regular uploads help minimize gaps in your reporting.

We recommend you upload monthly so that offline data can be effectively matched against the performance of any ads being ran.

Only upload new data from the time of your last upload: Data is matched against tracked impressions within the last 90 days for events that occurred within 1, 7 or 28 days of an impression.

Events that you previously uploaded can’t be deleted and Facebook’s system can only deduplicate events uploaded within a set period of time.

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